Detect and show keys of piano with arduino

Hi, there!

I got a question for arduino specialists.

I couldn’t find anything that I need, so I’m posting it here.

I’ve been thinking that arduino detects key of piano, which one was banged,
eventually, I want to show on a piano score.

From the beginning, however, now I’m standing at the end of line.

There are few sensors that I can utilize it.

But, I’m curious, which sensor is better to detect piano sound and distinguish the their own frequency.

So, anyone who knows about that, please advise me.

In short,

  1. Which sensor can detect a key of piano.(Using arduino uno)
  2. It will work well or not? (If it can be well, give me some information)

Thx for reading my questions. Have a great day!

Are you talking about an electronic piano or mechanical one? Electronic ones generally have midi available that has most of the work done for you.

And if a mechanical piano, sense the motion of the keys with IR or mechanical switches. Trying to detect which key was played by the sound would be difficult with a Uno.

Eventually, I want to show on a piano score.

Thank you! If only more people would say more about WHAT they want to do, and less about their first thoughts on how it might be done.

I'm with an earlier post... get a simple midi keyboard, learn how to read that. (Good stuff at Playground.)

Something you may want to think about...

To "capture" what someone plays on a keyboard, you need to "record"...

What keys are pressed (duh.)

When and how long.

How HARD they were pressed. Not so "duh". Add this one, and you've made your project a LOT more difficult. Maybe leave that for later... but decide up front... is it "necessary"?