Detect Code

I brought this up a few years ago. But I think it needs to be considered again. If a post occurs with "void loop" and no instance of "code" tag, a soft warning should be issued. Let's help new members to the community post their question constructively. Before the usual 6 or 7 regulars berate them for wanting help and don't noticing a hidden button.

I have very mixed feelings about this.

Many of the people who are jumped on appear to have signed up and posted a question without even spending 10 minutes studying other Threads to see how things are done.

It’s a bit like someone new coming to the 53rd meeting of the “Oh-So-Interesting-Society” and starting to talk without even taking the trouble to figure out who is the chairperson. People don’t behave like that in face-to-face social situations and I don’t see why they should behave with less decorum and sensitivity here.



However, I have also weighed in on the issue of the totally unintuitive icons that have been used for code tags - currently it is </> but was something just as mysterious before. It doesn’t make sense to me that it has <> when tags use [], and the single / does not bring C code to mind at all.
It is missed so often by newcomers that the icon really ought to spell out what it does [code].


totally unintuitive icons that have been used for code tags - currently it is </>

I agree. Why not just make it



I brought this up a few years ago

And so did I. It was considered by the people who run the forum.
They said that they did not consider this was a problem. You can tell from that how much they use this forum can't you.

Imagine how much work it would save the moderators if there was a non-english language detection that suggests the post be made to the appropriate language section?

And a cross-posting detector... Ok, I'll stop now.