Detect com ports in MAC which is connected to Bluetooth

I am trying to work on serial communication in MAC OS. I already did this same coding part using java

netbeans in Windows 7. For serial communication used RXTX and JSSC libraries and it works out well. My

code actually displays the available com ports and the serial communication happens well. But when i

tried using the same code in MAC it does not display the com ports. When the arduino board is

connected using USB in MAC it gets connected and the said java code detects the com port and it works

well but the same arduino board when connected to Bluetooth does not work the code does not display

the arduino ports. Can you please explain me as what i should do to make the serial communication

happen in MAC using JAVA with the arduino board connected to Bluetooth ?

What if you start arduino IDE on Mac with arduino bluetooth connected to the Mac? Will arduino IDE report the bluetooth serial port?