Detect multiple object and their (right) position in a grid

Hi to everyone, I looked for an answer on the forum, but or this topic has not be covered yet or I looked for it in the wrong way.

I need to detect right objects in the right position.

For example, in a chess grid I need to verify that the King is in position B2 and the Queen in E8.
Or let’s say, that the Object A is on the first shelf, while the Object B in the third one.

The system should work just when all the object are in the right position.

I thought to reed switch, but if I can know an object is in place, I cannot verify which one.
I then thought to RFID, but it seems I should have a reader for each position and that could cost more then I thought to.

What will you do to solve this issue?

You would do it with a camera underneath the table and markers on each of the pieces. reacTIVision is designed for exactly this.

I like your idea, but as you see, I've got different places where I need to "scan" the objects...

UP! Anyone has idea on how to do it?