Detect weight on a chair recording sound / when someone moves play the record

Hello, I have an art project which need to use Arduino to do it. But I don’t know how to manage this kind of installation. I am a real beginner. How can I start?

It is simple. It’s chair, when someone sits, it starts a recording. And when the person moves, the recording finished and it’s played direct. I would like to recorder at least 5 minutes for a presentation, but the most as possible is the best. It must also that the previous recording be deleted to make place for the next.

I was recommanded to use a piezzo as a captor of sensibility to detect the presence of somebody. What is the best method ?

Thanks to all the person who will help me!

Try a pressure switch activated by some sort of air bladder to be sat upon. Person sits on chair, bladder compresses, switch is made, Arduino signals to start the recording. Person gets up, playback begins.

tactile switch.PNG

The switch is the easy part. You will need to interface with an external sound input (fidelity level?) recorder and amplified playback (fidelity...) system. And power it all.

I emphasize fidelity because to many people, electronic recordings come off as noise for quite a few seconds before coalescing into a coherent audio channel. Accurate tonal range with background noise suppression is key to audio recordings not sounding "junky".