Detecting contact with another user

Hi everyone!

I am working on a simple project where two users can interact at the same time. To complete several tasks users have to either high five or high ten. :slight_smile:

Are there any sensors out there that would be ideal for such a scenario? I am thinking of doing something similar to Makey Makey, but I am looking for a way to differentiate between touches (high five & high ten).

Any help would be really appreciated!


The first solution to come to mind would be for each person to wear an armband on each wrist. The band would have an accelerometer and a RF transceiver.

A microcontroller in each band could monitor the accelerometer data watching for possible events. If these events occurred simultaneously from multiple users, you could be pretty sure some sort of interact had taken place.

I'd think this sort of setup would allow you to identify high 5s and high 10s.