Detecting heart rate monitors

Hi, I am new to Arduino but have discovered that i need to intergrate it into a project i am currentlly working on. I need to detect a subjects heart rate and use this heart rate to control LED lights. As the value of the heart rate changes so too does the LED lights. Any ideas on where to begin??All help appreciated.

You can start from the heart monitor sensor and interface:

Thanks for the reply. Once I have equipment in place what is the first step? Would it be hooking the BPM monitor up with arduino via USB?

If you use the raw IC from Sparkfun you should use the HR output from the IC, it gives a 1mS pulse for each haertbeat, these pulses should be counted / timed by Arduino to calculate a heart rate.

This can be done i serveral ways. one would be to hook the HR pin to an Arduino digital pin and use Arduinos pulsein() function.

Just be aware that the IC operates at 3V, NOT the 5V most Arduinos run at.

Thanks for the reply. So because the IC is at 3v as a pose to 5v, do I have to change anything or apply something to ensure that it works? Thanks again, Palace.