Detecting lift (elevator) motion.. accelerometer or which sensor?

Hi guys. Me and my GF are having loads of fun with our new Teensy 3.2 boards. Been wanting to use the Teensy 3 for years and now we have arrived. I have a question regarding a project we are working on. We want to trigger spoken word audio samples. We have the brilliant audio board to work with but are stuck with a sensor problem. We'd like to know if it is possible for an accelerometer to detect whether a lift is moving up or down because we want to trigger different sound samples according to whther the lift is moving up or down. Can we do this using just the accelerometer data? We have a couple of them. One is an MPU9150 9DOF and the other is an analogue accelerometer (MMA7361.) Any help appreciated. Thanks, SteveS

A positive change in the Z-axis accel from the static value of 1 G means you’re now going up and lower value means you’re going down. If the lift starts slowly or is jerky then you will difficulty evaluating the data.

according to whther the lift is moving up or down

You cannot use an accelerometer to measure constant motion (not even the direction).

As pointed out above, you can only tell if something is accelerating upward or downward, but even that can be difficult if the startup is jerky.