Detection of bottles

Anyone having any suggestion to how they detect the wine bottles when placing them on the wine rack?

I can’t seem to find any buttons. I don’t think it is IR reflection because the bottles doesn’t reflect light very well.

Hope somebody has some creative ideas:)

Video links to the wine rack:

Do they obstruct, deflect, or diffuse light ?

It looks like the slot under each neck has a sensor in it. LED and LDR perhaps, picking up reflected light off the glass.

It should work like this:

The person reads the label on the bottle with a cell phone and saves it.
Saving creates a space in the app on the phone.
Then, when placing it in the cellar, there is a switch in position.
When placing the bottle in the cellar, the cellar "system" identifies that a bottle has been placed in the XY position and sends this information to the application on the cell phone.
As a space was created with the label, this XY position is saved together in the position of the bottle label data.
So when you click on the label on the app again, the cell phone sends the "address" XY to the cellar system, which then flashes the location of the bottle.

RV mineirin

There are lots space for different switches.
one that comes to mind is an opto-interupter. these are a sensor and receiver in a plastic U shape.
you put something in-between.
taking apart printers, they are common to have a very light plastic section that is balanced so without anything, it hangs so it does not block the light. a piece of paper pushed the plastic and it blocks the light.

my other thought is that the glass, regardless of what is inside, would be highly reflective to IR light.

smartwine celler XYZ.. E06 Smart Wine Cellar - The Final Wine Rack - YouTube
interesting series. I am guessing he picks the location by empty and put the location in the software and not by placing a bottle and having the software identify where you put it.

I think that it would take a lot of time to set this up and keep it current.

Place the wine rack on a scale

I tried with a KY-033 sensor but it would not activate when a glass bottle was covering it. But when I placed my finger a few centimeters over the sensor it would react.

Interesting idea. I haven’t though on that. But I still need a way to detect the specific placement of the bottle

Yeah that was the idear :smiley:

I just think that a switch would be to visible so I was wondering if there was some other ideas

Place the wine bottle on a scale

Good Morning ...
sorry for my lack of attention.
I read your post wrong and did not understand your question correctly.
I understood that you were asking about the functioning of the system.

Now rereading your topic, I saw that the question was how the bottle was detected when it was placed.
My mistake.

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get a few light sensors.
place where you would expect the bottle to be.
analog input to get the light level.
look for a change and then light the LED next to the bottle.
that feedback would tell you that you put it in THAT exact spot.
in the first link, the light on the second row, far left was lit for no apparent reason. could have been a change in level due to the movement of the people

change in light level is VERY workable. it is used to detect the presense of a bullet passing over a sensor at 3,000 FPS. detecting change from a large object, closer and large, for longer, would seem to be something that would work.

question : if one selects 2 bottles, then compares, and decides to put back, in the wrong place.
possible to record all selections when multiple bottles have been removed ? play back as a feature.

also thought of stocking 1,000 bottles. I would want to place the bottle on a stand, have the camera snap the label and a wall mounted tablet (old cell phone?) as the keypad

Very interesting project.

looking at the 'rack' one could have two pipes. the bottles would rest between the.
one pipe would have a microswitch or tact switch on the pipe were it connects to the rail.
weight on the pipe = pressure on the rail= pressure on the switch.
the problem is long term failure if in contact for a long time.

if you use a cutout on wood, then there should be a place on the wood where any size bottle will touch. again, tact switch with hard surface. a soft surface may grip the glass and fail.

Perhaps a small ultrasound system with adjustment for small range.

In video 2 at 2.09
the reporter takes his hand close to the side of the hole, and the light flashes.
So maybe it’s something like a capacitive sensor or a coil wrapped around the hole.

RV mineirin

in the beginning of the [ OP's video ] video, the left most light on the second row glows.

caveasy one shows a slot in the center of the bottle. ???

Maybe but isn’t it hard to hide those ultrasonic sensors?

I was also thinking about something capacitive. I tried to make a capacitive surface with some aluminum tape but it didn’t react on the bottle. But maybe with some wire. My knowledge about capacitive sensors and what they can detect is small.

Interesting ideas with the LDR sensors, but maybe a bit hard to create in a big scale if they have to adapt to the different lighting conditions?

And yes that was the plan to hopefully do something in that direction when I have figured some of the other things out.

Thank you!

Yes, i also se the switch as a possibility. But I would prefer use something which is not dependent on a button press and but is sensing the bottles placement in some other smart way, I’m just not sure what

Interesting, I tried to send Caveasy a mail where they politely answered:

About the way it senses the bottles, we have developed our own technology and created our own sensor.

But that could mean practically anything I guess.