Detection of bottles

In this cellar model it is possible to see the sensor.
It looks like a microswitch.

RV mineirin

Forget the useless "tact" switches but frankly, microswitches are the answer. Simple and effective, reliable.

Can be wired as a matrix with a diode for each switch.

Look this chip.

Datasheet :

RV mineirin

At some poi t engineerering books need to be closed and soldering irons heated.

Make a 3x3 shelf with lights and common switches.

Get the app to work.

You can always test new things.

Yes you are right, and it is probably the thing I’m going to do if nothing else work, but I would still like to try and find an alternative to the switches. That’s why I’m interested in figuring out what they did on the new one :smiley:

Yes but the software and hardware and software could change a lot dependent on what sensors I use to detect the bottles.

But it is probably a good idea to begin with

I have been looking at the DS2408 which is a 1-wire I/O expander with 8 port for each IC

of course the hardware could change, but the software change should not be too difficult.

you would put the sense_position as a function.
if changed the way you read sensors, it would still be a call to that function and return a value.

IMHO, the larger task is the app and data logging software.

I’m not to worried about the data logging and application. I have work a lot within databases. And have also experienced with MQTT brokers and so on.

But yeah you are right about the use of sensors

I have tried it with a KY-033 line detector but it wouldn’t react when I placed the bottle above it but it was able to react to my finger from multiple centimeters away.

I'm sticking with my advice in #22. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It seems that a 4 bottle by 4 bottle rack would be a place to experiment.

There are a variety of different options.
The micro switch. While not elegant, it will get the job done reliably.

The search for that perfect sensor could take a long time.

My suggestion would be to go simple to start. Get it to work.
Refine the project once yhe fundamental problems have been worked out.

The DS2408 looks like a great device.
I wish it were in wide scale use so the cost and availability were more favorable