Detection of Jamming

I'm developing a device with GSM module. As part of the requirement, it must be able to detect jamming and report accordingly.

I'm using the seedstudio's library for GPRS with the GSM module SIM800C. It supports detection and i have checked it also. But can't read it for use...

Here is the function i'm trying to make in library:

int SIM800::checkJamming(void)
	int ret = sendCmdAndWaitForResp("AT+SJDR?\r\n", "+SJDR: 1,0,255,0,1\n\nOK", 0);
	Serial.println("Jamming Detected");
	return ret;

Now, Once Jamming detected, it normally gives an output like

+SJDR: 1,0,255,0,0


And I'm not sure how exactly to make use of it... Reading only OK is not right as no jamming and jamming, both showing OK....


The snippet will print "Jamming Detected" every time it is called.

solved!! but not the way i wanted and thus not satisfied. Will come back later...