Dev Kit and Arduino code compatibility

Ok I admit I am a newbie in coding, hardware. Also because I have never done something like this before, I probably don't have the lingo either so please excuse me. I recently decided to pick up a tutorial where I bought a sensor mounted on a PC board by sensor mfg'er, Esspressif ESP32 Dev Kit and download some prewritten code in Arduino that was supposed to work in combination. That project worked and now I am moving to a different sensor. but I found that the new sensor is on a SPARKFUN platform/ pc board.

Question - would it work if I load the Arduino code I found on this site for the new sensor attached to the SPARKFUN board talk connected to Espressif ESP32 Dev Kit? or does SPARKFUN PCB need a different Dev Kit before the Arduino code would work? Hope I make sense to you all. Thanks for the help.


In many cases Arduino code will work out of the box on an ESP32, but this is of course not at all guaranteed as it are two very different MCUs.
Try it and you know if it works for your specific board and sensor.

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