Develop on Arduino M0...

Hi, i’ve a question for you… how can i program an arduino M0 ? I’ve skills on multi-thread programming… but i don’t know how do it on Arduino M0 Pro and how to use the different ports… thanks u :wink:

This seems to be a product of the “other” Arduino faction.


yes, it comes from but maybe someone know how to program and Arduino on 32 bit or even a real multi-thread sketch...

Just because it's an arm chip, it doesn't mean it supports multi threading. You'll have to look up the specs on the chip. The Due is an arm chip and it doesn't support threading.

In case it does, you'll have to look up c++ multi threading.

Maybe the concept in several things at a time would be sufficient ?


I think the M0 is the other arduino faction's clone of the Zero.