Developer Request: Baseclasses and Interfaces

I would love it if there was some way that all library writers could easily inherit predefined baseclasses when implementing a library for something.

This way we would ensure a intuitive, consistent and clean API for the end user.

There has already been talk about a baseclass for streams/serial objects.

Why not define an API for things like Motors, Temperature Sensors, Range Sensors, things that needs to be polled [like update() or such], things that can be on() or off(), thigs that has a begin() [init() start() construct() setup()] and an end() [stop() destruct() cleanup()] etc etc ?

I have many ideas on this subject, and I have a lot of interface suggestions ready. I’d love a discussion on the matter.

I think it makes sense to define base classes for things that have implementions in the core, like streams. For other things, it’s hard to know what a good API is without concrete use cases.

P.S. issue for a serial base class is here: