developing an Arduino compatible board with ATmega32M1

Hi there everyone!

I'm working on an idea I had a little while back, replacing the Atmega328P with an ATmega32M1. The background for this idea is to make it easier for hobbyists and makers to run powerful three phase motors and/or use the CAN bus.

I'm curious to find out if if there is any interest out there for such a product! Obviously I'll keep everything licensed the same way as the official stuff once there is anything to share. Also I'll publish a few projects showing what can be done with it while it's being developed.

One idea I've had is to do a public beta program where limited numbers of early versions would be sent out to those willing to debug and help develop the software.

A three phase motor shield for handling the voltage to the motors is included in the plans too.

Discussion on this topic is welcome as I would like to find others interested in this.