Developing evive: an opensource electronics prototyping platform for makers

We have made evive, an Arduino powered all-in-one embedded platform to ease learning, prototyping and debugging. It is aimed at makers of all ages to serve a wide range of applications. It can be used by beginners to develop their making skills towards robotics and embedded systems, by hobbyists and students to build projects and experimental setups with ease, and by advanced users like researchers, professionals and educators to analyze and debug their projects.

We have made lots of sample projects showcased on hackster.

I want to get reviews about its feature for making it a one-stop solution for lots of projects for beginners and makers. Inform me if some feature in evive is not widely used and what other features can be added, like we are going to add capacitive touch. :slight_smile:
More info:

Heard about that on Hackaday. Seems cool. What bugs me is that the functionality partially overlaps with my new amazing secret product. :smiley: Oh well.