Developing some useful boards

I've been creating some useful PCB's to make my projects easier to implement and build.

One is a PCB that's an octal mechanical switch de-bounce board:

The board de-bounces up to 8 switches and outputs a clean VCC logic level output. VCC can be any voltage between 3 to 5V. There is also a output enable line to tristate the outputs and a condition pin to allow for an interrupt routine to poll switch conditions when the user changes the state of any of the switches.

Second is a universal power supply:

This power supply can output 12v, 9v, 5v and 3.3V at up to 1.5 amps. Outputs are supplied through pin connections and each has a high current solder port. 4 amp fused input of 12V with a provision for a power supply switch connection. Input supply is 12V through a standard 5mm connector.

I also have a breakout board for the PX1122R RTK GPS module from Skytraq.:

The board have provisions for LED indicators of pulses per second and RTK status along with a coin cell battery backup. All inputs and outputs are pulled out to pin contacts and the RF input is a standard uFL connector. The board was produced as a 4 layer board in order to make 50 ohm impedance matching easier.

Only posting this as I'm having these boards produced for my own usage and curious if there is a need for such things out there. Any other suggestions on what would be needed would be encouraged. I like designing PCBs and am always interested in what would help the maker community.