Development of OneWire library

First, can I say a big thank you to everyone on the Arduino team and to Jim Studt for the OneWire library. I was up and running, and measuring temperatures in no time. It would have taken me ages using the assembler I was using before.

I am measuring temperatures using multiple DS18B20 devices. I found, though, that if you connected more than 6 or so of them, the search algorithm sometimes gets lost. It enters an infinite loop, alternating between 2 of the sensors. I believe I am not the first person to find this.

So I had a look at the OneWire library, and made changes to it. I have it working now with 9 sensors. However, I'm a newbie, and I don't have the confidence to update the library. I would like someone else check over the code and test it first.

I also have a test example that might be useful to others as a building block in their projects. It stores the array of addresses, prints addresses in a choice of formats, and prints temperatures to the screen in degrees C.

I was intending to insert the code here, but it's too big to fit. (I am limited to 9500 characters.) I need more than twice the allowance.

Can someone suggest how I can make the code available to others please?

The Arduino wiki (aka playground) is a good place: Arduino Playground - HomePage

I'm having trouble creating an account for the playground. When I try, I get the LoginForm page, which consists of a lot of computerese with a note saying please do not edit this page. There is nowhere to enter data and no way of submitting it.

Please can you tell me what I should be doing?


I fixed the form. You should be able to create an account now.