Development of Robotic hardware and software


We are a group of students from KTH and LiTH in Sweden researching the current needs and uses of robots in different markets. Technology today is very extensive, but the technology itself is not enough to fill the needs of the user. Therefore, we need your help to find out what your ideal robot would look like and your thoughts on previous encounters with robots, no matter how big or small.

We would greatly appreciate your inputs, feel free to fill out this survey and help us develop the best possible solution for your specific needs.

Best regards,
Terran team

That was a horrible survey. It is so overly broad and unspecific there's no way you can learn anything specific from the answers. Not that I expected a good survey based on the overly broad and unspecific way your post was written...
Robots come in thousands of forms and factors. From useful industrial welding robots to robotic cars and aircraft to human-looking toys that can have pre-recorded conversations with you.