Development of Wifi tag

Hi all,

I am completely new to arduino. I'm currently working on a school project which requires me to collect rssi, ssid, bssid from the available Access Points and send it to a server. Is there any way I could develop such a product using arduino? This should all be wireless.

Thx in advance

You will need a WiFi interface in addition to the Arduino. You may also want an SD card in case you get more data than can fit in SRAM before you find a network you can connect to for upload.

The data won't be of much use unless you also have GPS coordinates.

Use Arduino Yun;-

iwlist wlan0 scan |grep 'Channel:\|Address:\|Quality\|ESSID'
Cell 01 -    Address: D8:50:E6:D7:EA:1E
                Quality=70/70  Signal level=-15 dBm

Cell 21 - 	Address: 28:92:4A:BB:21:A5
                Quality=22/70  Signal level=-88 dBm
                ESSID:"HP-Print-A5-Officejet Pro 8600"