development project with ten drones

Wanted partners for hardware implementation and software programming to drive automated ten drones.
Timing:october/december 2015

for information write to

Drive 10 drones to do what? It would take me about 10 minutes to write the code to make them crash.

Thats great ! but well. thats not our goal.. :) We'd need to create a 15 minutes written partiture for 10/15 drones, basically they have to fly up and down, left and right and so on.. based on a specific partiture. We'll create a visual set up using motion tracking-video projected on a semi-transparent tissue positioned in front of the drones. Each drone is connected to a specific sound that is triggered based on their position in the space. They'll have to move one by one or all at the same time , in a straight line or in an apparent chaos.. (so all has to be written before..). How does it sound to you ? Would you be interested on taking part of this production ? or in case there is someone who would be intrigued on taking part of this ? The production will take place in Rome between october and november (exact dates have to be announced).