Development traffic light system using Arduino

Hi, i would like to design a prototype of traffic light..Now i face a problem that i do not know how to setup the transmitter and receiver and its Arduino coding...Can anyone help ? thank you very much :wink:

My idea is here will be a transmitter – receiver placed on both sides of the road. This transmitter continuously keeps transmitting IR pulse would either reach the receiver or shall be blocked by the vehicle if it is in-between. Based on this there shall be an increment in green light timings of the traffic light. Hence, by this, the basic motive of keeping the traffic even by the adjustment of green light timings is achieved.

Do a search for arduino traffic lights and you should get plenty of ideas how it is being done by others.


It's all well and good detecting the presence of a motor vehicle, but then the question is, what do you do about it?

Most intelligent traffic lights will give priority to one road while monitoring another. When it detects traffic on the second road it will then change the lights in favour of this second road until the traffic has passed.