Developping a php/mysql open source website for sensor logging (like thingspeak)

[u]Introduction:[/u] In the early days I started with arduino's logging to SD-cards. This had major disadvantages: - Manipulating/consulting data was tedious - Risk of data corruption - Using the SD card libraries used up a lot of the 32kb program memory - Decentralized data - ...

So I quickly searched for other solutions. I currently use a crude self written logging system that runs on a lamp server:

This solution isn't perfect at all: - The code is a mess - No user interface for creating/editing/deleting sensors - Maintenance has to be done directly in the database - Data is collected using a serial interface

[u]Idea:[/u] So i was wondering if people would be interested in an open source logging system much like thingspeak?

The main benefit over thingspeak would be that you could self-host your logging and have all control over the logged data.

[u]How would it work:[/u] 1. Create a sensor on your logging server using the UI where you get a unique API key for the sensor. 2. The arduino (or any other measuring device) would need access to the network or internet. This can be done via ethernet or Wifi (e.g. the cheap esp8266 modules that are available these days). 3. The sensor submits data using simple get requests. e.g.: 4. Data can be consulted via a web interface.

[u]Basic demo:[/u] I already created a basic working concept. You can try and play with it on

I am curious if people would be interested in this becomming an open source project.

Please leave your comments/idea's below!

Are you aware that thinkspeak is opensource already (

Alternatively also appears to fit your use-case.