Device missing or unknown device

i connect the programmer with my atmega8l-8pu and i Severed cable USB Drives The computer arrived and external power to the programmer to get 5v from computer but when i bourn the hex file the pany prog tell me Device missing or unknown device

what is the problem? please some one answer me?

please any one help me

Come on it has been less than four minutes and you are bumping the thread. That is very bad behavior.

With the information you have supplied all we can say is it doesn't work just the same as you.

the pany prog tell me Device missing or unknown device

That just means that the programmer and the board are failing to communicate. Unless you post more information about what you have actually done no one can help you.

Read the how to use the forum sticky posts please.

I didn't mean to "bump" the thread , I just wanted to say please one more time , I guess that is not a bad behavior , and again please there is no need for name calling

And about the what is the thread about , you need more information , what kind of information you need exactly ? and about what in specific ?

this link is how I exactly built the programmer : do I miss anything ?