Device port selection

Hi i have one problem with my arduino uno board. That after connecting to the system through FTDI cable the port is not detecting and i am not able to load the program to my arduino, only the power LED is glowing on when the connect to the system. So please help me out from this problem with your soultion. And i am using the original arduino board and it was working fine for only one month.

What board are you using?

You say it's an original arduino uno, but you also say you are using an FTDI cable. The arduino uno has a USB connector directly on the board, so you plug in with a USB cable, not an FTDI cable...

So you need to clarify what you're programming!

If it looks like an Uno, check the part number on the chip near the USB connector. Official unos and faithful clones use a 16u2, clones use CH340G's or FT232R's. Some FT232R's found on clones (particularly ones that were sold in 2015) are counterfeit chips and don't work with the current windows drivers - google ftdigate for more info if you think this may apply to you.

If you're using an FTDI cable (as noted above, this doesn't make sense if it's an Uno), and no port displays, the problem is the FTDI cable, not the Arduino board.

After that i have tried with the different FTDI cable hence onle the inbuilt LED is ON and the power LED is ON nothing else is changing on the board…

And if i connect other arduino board with the same cable its working fine . So i am bit worry about my board.

so how to check that my arduino is working fine or not…

I am using arduino uno .

Its a USB cable that i'm using to power up the arduino...

I was using 16u2 .

These are information i got fro you please let me know the exact problem of my arduino

So you are connecting the Uno to your computer with a USB cable.
Nothing else is connected to the Uno. No FTDI cable now.
The USB cable you're using works with another Uno.

Do you get the noise indicating you've plugged in a USB device when you plug it in? If not, that's a bad sign.

Check device manager - do you see anything about an unknown or malfunctioning device? Anything about an atmega DFU thing?

Did the board previously work? If it did, what were you last doing to it before it stopped working? Were you doing something with external power, possibly done wrong?