Device reboot when closing monitor window

Just for information:-
I am using an ESP32 with Arduino IDE.

I have noticed that if the board selected, is 'Arduino Pro or Pro mini', the ESP32 reboots when the monitoring window is closed.
Opening a monitoring window, does not cause a reboot.

If the correct 'ESP32 Dev' board is selected, no ESP32 reboot occurs when opening or closing the monitoring window.
(ESP32 does reboot after a program download, as expected).

On both:-
IDE 1.8.12 running on Windows 10
IDE 1.8.15 running on Windows 7

Maybe this could be (added/is) a selectable option?

Thanks for your past help.

Hi @JohnSan. The system is explained in the Arduino platform specification:

Here is the "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini" board definition:
Notice that this board definition doesn't have a serial.disableDTR or serial.disableRTS property (meaning they have the default false values.

Here is the "ESP32 Dev Module" board definition:
Notice that it has these properties set to true:


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