DFmini player without arduino -3.7v Lipo battery

I am struggling to understand why my DF mini player is not giving any volume

It is similar to below, but without arduino

The power supply is 1 x 3.7v lipo

I made this work long time ago (1-2 years back), but for this halloween I want to resuse the DFmini and its making me mad.

Can I ask what could be the reason? (volume is almost inaudible/0)

Should I supply 5v (I'm inclined to 1 battery so 3.7 ok)? What speakers ohms, watts is recommended?

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Hi @krisferrari,

Sorry, I can't move it. The DFPlayer mini can be powered anywhere from 3.2 - 5V.

Here is a simplified circuit:

Do you have the volume keys attached?
Here is the site:

yes. I have the momentary switches. connected 7 and 10 too (common ground)

hard press for volume + and -

I played music last year (good loud volume) , but again I need to press the button for next song , as I was not using Arduino or associated sketch.

I tested a small speaker 16ohm and 0.25watt. still there is no volume. One I used before was 8ohm 10/12W

will speaker positive negative make any difference?

Speaker positive and negative will not make any difference. Try a 8Ω speaker instead of 16Ω. Also, the DFPlayer Mini has a 3W amp builtin.

But I am not getting volume. not sure whats the reason

Is there any sound at all? Did you try a 8ohm speaker?

I tried

Are you using an Arduino now? If so, the volume might have to be adjusted via code. What’s different from last time you did it? I would recommend a 8ohm 2-5watt speaker.

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I do not know why the built-in amplifier failed/not working. I did observe that it was playing properly for 10 seconds and going almost quiet. I've now configured a HW-104 and using DCR DCL pins
Sadly I have to use a power bank (5v)

Is it working with a 5v battery?

Yes it is working with HW-104, amplifier
(DFmini not working even with 5V . It seems there is amplifier issue)

project completed and working

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