DFPlayer - Display current track(song) name

Hi all,

I am a new to coding and currently right to make a MP3 player for a project using a DFplayer. I want to know if its possible to display current track information?

DFplayer has a command “Queries the current track of TF card” using this command can you get current track name then display it. If so, how?

Any help will be wonderful


I haven't seen any MP3 modules that can access MP-3 file metadata (title, author, genre, etc). No telling what that Chinese/English translation actually means without hooking up a serial monitor and reading back what the command does; could be just a file index number.

The BY8001-16P is another similar, but slightly more advanced, $5 MP3 module. Take a look in the BY8001-16P MP3 module thread in this Arduino Audio forum. There is a post with both a readable datasheet and an Arduino software library. The BY-8001 can return the file name, but only supports FAT file system short file names (8 characters max).