DFPlayer is there a way to stop loop playback?

So I need to play some sound in a seamless loop, for example engine sound. But I need to interrupt in and one time play another sound, horn for example. Is there a way to do it with one DFPlayer?

I can swear that I tested starting mp3.loop(1) in Setup and then calling mp3.play(2) in main loop stopped loop and started playback of the second file. But when I test it now its not working. None of the commands stops loop. And just repeat is a no go because there is big pause between stop and start of the track.

Any ideas please?

Found the reason! That "FIX" for power consumption and poping about remowing [000] resistor from one side and soldering together solder pads on the other side makes loop permanent and nonstopable. soldered all back and voila, loop now stops as intended.

False alarm. It turned out that DFPlayer when connected to GREEN version of PAM8403 cant recieve commands while sound is looping is input voltage is lower than ~4.7-4.8v. And Im using three AA batts. When connected to RED version of PAM8403 then everything works as intended even at 4.4v. But RED version is considerably quieter than GREEN version.(

Have someone encountered such behaviour? Any workaround?