DfPlayer Mini Noise 9V


Currently that is my setup with a Arduino Nano + DFPlayer Mini minus the resistor. If I power the Arduino via USB cable everything is working fine.

If I power the Arduino with a 9V battery, the DFPlayer does not receive the the signal to play the music and

I get this noise(dfplayer.mp3 - Google Drive) on the speaker.

What could be the problem?

Thank you for the help.

Small 9V batteries of the PP3 size aren't able to source much current, I think you're just overloading it
and causing things to continually reset. Its always essential that the power source is up to the job - have
you measured the current consumption of your circuit? If its much above 50mA I'd start to worry for
a PP3, and if its 100mA or more most PP3's will droop voltage substantially.

USB supply will handle upto 500mA without issue for comparison.

Rechargable PP3's often fare much better though, being NiMH not alkaline.


If it's not an issue with the 9V Battery, you might be over driving the DFPlayer Mini with a 5V supply from the Arduino 5V Supply, you could try placing a suitable Diode inline with the 5V Supply to the Player, something like a 1N4001 or similar as this will drop the supply Voltage by about 0.7 Volts which is more suitable supply voltage for the DFPlayer Mini.

Hope this helps.


DFPlayer Supply Via Diode.jpg

DFPlayer Supply Via Diode.jpg

Currently that is my setup with a Arduino Nano + DFPlayer Mini minus the resistor.

Why did you not put the resistor in?

Why is there no connection from the positive lead of the battery to anything else?


Hi, did you solve your problem? I have the exact same in my project.