Dfplayer no sound no led on

Hi guys,

I'am new, I have installed dfplayer on my brainboard but nothing happen.

I have used arduino to tranfert electric power to the dfplayer and I have installed speaker and I can hear just like little blast coming from the speaker but nothing more.

The music should play automaticly, I have one mp3 track named 0001.mp3

The led is blue when I use little battery or when I connect the ground to the buzy port.

electric power from arduino :

  • Arduino GND -> GND
  • Arduino 5V -> VCC

SPK1 -> Red speaker
SPK2 -> Black Speaker

Please check picture attached.

Sorry I'am newbie

Thanks for help

Well there is no picture attached. I would also recommed to provide the follwoing information

  • links to the dfplayer that you bought
  • link to the data sheet
  • which Arduino you are using and how it is connected
  • what speaker you are using and link to the data sheet

This way people can help you faster. It will take you a minute longer but people do not need to search for the information.

I think you should look at the following things first

Is the chip cabable of driving the speaker you have connected. If it requires too much power, it will not work and could damage your chip.
How much power can your Arduino board provide?
Disconnect the speaker if you have an oscilloscope and see if you can see the audio.
Use a small head phone they need less power.
Power the dfplayer separatelly and see what happens.

One data sheet I found said there is a 3W amplifier in it. 3W at 3.3 V is roughly 1A. This is quite some current. You need additional current for the Arduino and the dfplayer. So when you power the Arduino from USB you can run into power issues.

As alluded too…

perhaps not enough current… especially if trying to power from the Arduino…

You could perhaps use the RAW pin IF you are using a stable/regulated +5v power source (like a power bank/brick or something)… otherwise… the DFPlayer should have its won regulated +5v connection NOT going through the small/tiny Arduino voltage regulator)