DFPLayer not starting from the beginning of the track.

Hi all,

I'm having a very irritating problem with the DFPlayer Mini (a clone board - same MP3 chip). It does not always start playing the track from the beginning. Upon power up it always starts at the beginning, but after that (a dfplayer.reset() call doesn't change this - an is not an option as it "click"s the speaker) it sometimes starts at the beginning, but often 200-300 ms into the track.

The point at which it starts playing (using the dfplayer.play(1) call) is also not always the same, it sometimes is right at the beginning, sometimes a little in, and that "little in" itself also varies.

This difference is critical for my project, as it's starting/stopping a specific sample and timing of this is important. This 200-300 ms is very noticeable, if only because the beat with which the sample starts is cut off.

This project involves a total of twelve players, each having a different sound sample, and we want to use this to create music by starting/stopping them on demand. The starting/stopping part as such works perfectly: it reacts instantly on the start command, it's just that the actual starting point of the music is most of the time not the actual starting point of the track, but a little bit in.

Is there a way to make the DF Player start at a specific point in the file? Having it start say 1 second is a good solution, as long as it's a stable starting point. We can simply amend the samples and start with a second of silence. We can't do that in the current situation as the actual starting point is unstable.

Thanks for all suggestions!