DFplayer speakers

I am using DFPlayer with an esp32 tiny pico. I have 2 questions:

  1. If I understand correctly, the more current a speaker draw the louder it will sound? meaning using a higher watt and lower resistance speaker will give me a louder sound(ignoring noise etc)?
    I want to replace my 8W 1Ohm speaker with 2W 6OHm one, will that be significant?
  2. I am powering the system with a Lithium ion 1S battery, sometimes the DFplayer doesn't work and sometimes it does. What can I do for it to work reliably?


I've not heard of a 1 Ohm speaker.

If you actually meant - as I suspect - that both speakers are 8 Ohm and you swap a 1W related one for a 2 W rated one, it should make no difference whatsoever.

I very much doubt that the DFplayer would generate 1 W of audio if that, so the speaker power rating is basically immaterial. Unfortunately, the datasheet mentions neither minimum speaker impedance (which almost certainly is 8 Ohms) or power rating.

Yes, I did mean 1W 8Ohm. If so, could I add an amplifier to raise the volume up? What is the best/simplest setup I could add to my circuit?

Unless you want it really loud, in which case we would advise you to use one of those sets of external speakers designed to plug into the audio jack of a PC, I would recommend you just use the DFplayer Mini you already have and do two things.

  • Optimise the mounting of the speaker - put it in a reasonably large enclosure as a baffle.
  • Sort out the power supply - ensure you are powering the DFplayer with the full 5 V. Check what is going on , check the voltages with your multimeter.

It sounds like you want it to operate from batteries, so you don't really want too much extra equipment to consume power.

Ok, I will check the mounting because there is a stable 5V as the power source.

Can you run the "TinyPICO" off of +5V? Perhap the "VBAT_CHRG" is dropping low enough the the signal level isn't high enough for the DFPlayer.

So what happens here is that I answer some query such as "how to make a DFplayer louder".

In the process, I have to look up what a "DFplayer Mini" actually does.

I have not previously considered using such a thing, and not even looked at the "Audio" section of these fora, partly because I can't see much use for Arduinos in audio processing. Maybe if I get really bored sometime I will see what that section is all about. :grin: But I am so busy nowadays that is very improbable.

In any case, I have ordered a couple of DFplayer Minis from Ali. So we will see what happens in a few weeks. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Mind you, the SD card costs five times as much as the module!

A bridge-mode class-D amplifier with a 4 ohm speaker on a 5volt supply can theoretically output 0.875Watt RMS (1.25W peak), and is commonly sold as a 3Watt amplifier.

A 4 ohm (car radio) speaker should be somewhat louder than an 8 ohm (HiFi) speaker, at a cost of twice the current draw. Make sure the boost converter (and battery) can supply the required current.

Or 8 Watt, 10 Watt, depending on the advertising. :grin:

And in this case, whether the DFplayer can drive a 4 Ohm load - which is not at all clear from the datasheet.

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