DFRobot RB-Dfr-10 Serial Bluetooth Module

I'm trying to use this bluetooth module to upload code, control etc a DF RobotShop Rover.

The bluetooth module plugs into the rover's Arduino (2009) compatible board and when I power it up it appears as Bluetooth_V3 in my MacBook's bluetooth interface. I select it and then continue, and tell it to use passcode 0000, but I'm never able to pair it.

It fails every time.

The reason I choose passcode 0000 is that it is the passcode suggested here: http://www.robotshop.com/content/PDF/dfrobot-bluetooth-module-manual.pdf

Any ideas?

It turns out that the docs were wrong and the pass needs to be 1234 instead of 0000.

Thanks to the DFRobot forum guys. No thanks to the documentation.