DHCP and DNS will be ready for Arduino?

Hi all!

I have too a Enc 28J60 and my Arduino. Now what i want to do is this

DHCP and DNS-Query are basic for a Outgoing connection.

We can use fixed IP, but we must know the gateway IP and the DNS ip, in the most common cases both are the same, this is the network router IP.

So, what i found to do this, a Microchip .C libraries, this are wrote in C come so it must work with some small changes at Arduino.

We can found here several examples of DHCP and DNS:


DNS is easy, the only thing that we need is a UDP client and a DNS-query format packet. Send this query to the DNS server in the router at the 53 :o port and the response will be the internet ip. Shocked

So who want to loose some hair with me? 8-)

Best Regards Frank