DHCP testing tool

Is there a recommended software program to use to test/exercise the networking stack particularly DHCP? I'm going to develop an Ethernet based product, and currently, I'm creating a plan for the project which includes how it will be tested.

use an old laptop to get an addres through DHCP and put some network sniffer on it. e.g. - http://wiresharkdownloads.riverbed.com/video/wireshark/introduction-to-wireshark/ - but there are many others

I realize I wasn't clear about what I was asking. I want to try different DHCP server settings to see if my device handles them correctly. DHCP can do a lot more than just hand out IP addresses. I'm afraid that my device will work fine with my DHCP server, and when it becomes time to ship it to the customer, it won't work on their server.

I know and use Wireshark. I've been using it since it was named Ethereal.

1) So you want to check if your tool works with several different DHCP implementation? 2) Or do you want to test retrieving specific DHCP info?

add 1: There are several free Linux versions you can download that have a DHCP server in it to test with. These probably include embedded versions of Linux that are used in some routers. If you happen to have an MSDN you can try all variations of Windows DHCP?

Good questions… I will try different DHCP server implementations, but I was interested in see how it would handle non-typical DHCP information. It has been years since I have read about what can be put in DHCP packets.

The program named Serva looks interesting.

wikipedia has a fairly good description - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_Host_Configuration_Protocol -

do you have a link of this Serva program?


Thanks & bookmarked :wink: