DHT does not name a type

Hi all,

Getting an error message when attempting to verify an Arduido sketch code.
Don’t understand why I’m getting error.

code is :=====================================
#include <DHT.h>
#define dht_apin A0 // Analog Pin sensor is connected to

dht DHT;


Error is ‘DHT’ does not name a type. Can anyone help?

Can anyone help?

Sure. Read this. Then post your code... properly. It’s explained in paragraph 6.

PS: your declaration is backwards. Capitalization matters.
PPS: This should have been posted in programming, not general electronics.

You may install library incorrectly. See this how to install DHT sensor library

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Please read the post at the start of any forum , entitled "How to use this Forum".
Then look down to item #7 about how to post your code.
It will be formatted in a scrolling window that makes it easier to read.

What model DHT are you using?
What model Arduino are you using?

Have you had a look at the Example codes for DHT library?

Tom... :slight_smile: