DHT11 and arduino MICRO


I ordered 4 DHT11 from aliexpress, so to be sure they were ok, I connected the arduino micro on a breadboard and a DHT11 and it was working fine

now, after like a week, I cant get it to work anymore, I tried the 4 sensors, I switched the arduino micro with another one,with or without pull up
I tried many libs, I even wrote my own code

On the scope, the data lines is always up to 5v (appart from the LOW sent from arduino)

did anyone had something similar ? I find it hard to believe that all four sensors would be broken

I use ide 1.6.8, got the same with 1.6.10


nobody ?

nice, really usefull forum

no code + no wiring schematic = impossible to help

There is no voyancy on this forum.