DHT11 and VirtualWire

Hi all,
if someone can help me with the following problem:

1)I'm using DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor with the library: GitHub - niesteszeck/idDHT11: Interrupt driven DHT11 library
2)I want to add a second temperature sensor via an 433 MHz transmitter so i'm using VirtualWire library from VirtualWire: VirtualWire library for Arduino and other boards , but when i do this DHT11 readings are always -3.

So i'm considering a conflict somewhere. Any ideas ?
Thank you.

Please post your code ... and schematic ...

That DHT11 library is interrupt driven, and the VirtualWire library works with timer interrupts.

This is a normal library without interfering with the interrupts: Arduino Playground - DHTLib
Because the VirtualWire interrupts might have influence on the timing of that code, it could return an error. So keep on requesting the DHT11 values until they are valid.