DHT11 nonblocking

My first topic, i hope it can be usefull for some noobs like myself.
For quite some time ihave struggled with delays interfering and blocking for other tasks in my sketch.
Found a lot of usefull land useless links and examples, but i ended up with millis() timing and the Dhtlib i started out with. As a bonus i came up with a structured way of using millis() timers using tabs and voids. Please feel free to use or comment on attached skethes, i am sure there is still room for improvement.

By the way, how can i post my code without attaching the files ?

a_DHT_read.ino (621 Bytes)

b_Tasks_w_delays.ino (688 Bytes)

c_Timers.ino (1.46 KB)

d_print_globalVars.ino (613 Bytes)

millis_timer_simple_test.ino (1.65 KB)

Timers.ino (1.44 KB)