DHT11 sensor and creating a file that stores information

So i created a code that outputs the data from the arduino board and displays it on the serial monitor.

Is there a way to make a file that stores that information on the PC?.
Any help would be appreciated.

A decent terminal emulator on the PC will have an option to write to a file.

Yea i read on the internet that u can use programs like Coolterm.

The thing that i am asking is if there is a way for you to program that in arduino. So that you create a file that when the sensor outputs something it gets created in the file. Is that possible?.

Im asking about some guidance on how to make that happen

Processing may be of interest. It may be a bit over the top for what you require but it is well worth learning how to use it as you can do some really clever stuff with it.

I have a sketch which shows how to read data from the Arduino here: https://github.com/alanesq/processing-arduino-starting-point

Search for "the coding train" for examples of what it is capable of

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