DHT11 Temperature Sensor Error Messages on Serial Monitor

I recently did a project using a dht11 temp and humidity sensor paired with an LCD for my Arduino Uno. However, whenever I plug the board into the USB port on my laptop, the dht11 starts to heat up and the serial monitor says:
Error reading temperature!
Error reading humidity!

Also, the LCD remains lit up, but blank.

I have tried switching out the sensor to a new sensor, yet I still have the same issue.

How do I solve this problem?

It sounds like you are connecting the sensor backwards. That will cause it to heat up and not work. Post a photo of how it is wired. Does the LCD work properly when the DHT is not connected?

I flipped it around and I am now getting the correct temperature and humidity readings on the serial monitor.
However, my LCD is lit up, but blank still. Why is that, and how do I get the readings on the LCD?