DHT11 troubles in assembly code

Hi! I have a problem with the DHT library in an assembly code

Can you help with that

This is the error message:

C:\Users\Mauricio\AppData\Local\Temp\build1496615171511360210.tmp\assemblycode.S.o: In function humedad': C:\Users\Mauricio\AppData\Local\Temp\build1496615171511360210.tmp/assemblycode.S:45: undefined reference to dht’
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Error de compilación

and this is the asm code:

.extern dht
.extern analogRead
.extern Arduino.h

.global setup
.global loop

cbi 0x14,2 //A2 Humedad
cbi 0x11,1 // A1 FotoCelda
cbi 0x11,0 // A0 Sen receptor

sbi 0x17,3 // D11 Leds Fondo
sbi 0x17,4 // D12 Led Noti Azul
sbi 0x17,5 // D13 Led Noti Rojo

sbi 0x18,3
clr r24
clr r25
mov r24,1
mov r25,1
rcall analogRead
cpi r24,169
brmi foto
cbi 0x18,4
rjmp loop

clr r24
clr r25
mov r24,2
mov r25,2
rcall analogRead
cpi r24,247
brmi error
sbi 0x18,5
rjmp loop

clr r24
clr r25
rcall dht
//ldi r16, dht.readtemperature

sbi 0x18,4
cbi 0x18,5
rjmp loop

how do you compile this assembly code?

I suggest to start all over. Remove old Arduino versions. Instal the new Arduino IDE 1.6.6 When you have to install libraries, try the Library Manager first. After that, try installing the library with the *.zip file (using the Arduino IDE menu).

Show us the sketch, since the linker can't find the 'dht' object. Did you install the 'dht' library ? Perhaps you installed it in the wrong place.

Or do you really want to combine assembly with Arduino ? why ? Do you think that you can make better assembly code then the compiler ? I doubt that. When you want faster code, you can override the compiler options in platform.local.txt with the "-O3" option.