dht11 with nano and 5v fan

had this all working with a nano, 12v fan, and transistor, but i want to eliminate any unnecessary voltages and go with 5v fans... for a beehive to keep moisture down over the winter when hives are insulated so solar panels and 12v batteries - using adapters etc requires inverters. simple code - >60% turn on fan, under turn off fan. but what is the wiring? obviously attaching 5v/grn to fan just keeps it on so it has to go through sensor, but using 2 for sensor pin from dht11 and 3 for + to fan doesn't work... i get a hum but nothing else. what is the wiring please, or is this not possible with just the nano and no external power to the fan? looked everyone the internet and loads of fans that are different voltage - 12vdc and AC in different variations... thanks in advance.

For the sake of your bees, spend a little time reading, then spend a few pennies more and get a real humidity sensor.

thanks for the suggestion but that doesn't answer the question. at this point, the issue is the fan, not the sensor.

You didn’t read the first link I posted, did you? If not, do it now. If you did, do it again. After that you should know how to ask a question in a way that we can give informed help. The lack of replies should tell you something…