DHT12, an I2C library for the DHT12 sensor

On request I wrote a library for the DHT12 sensor over I2C.

The DHT12 is a sensor like the DHT11 and DHT22 series temperature and humidity sensors. The DHT12 support 1 decimal place like the DHT22. What is really interesting is that this sensor does support the "single wire" protocol like the DHT11 and DHT22 etc, but also I2C.

With respect to the dataformat used it looks more like the DHT11 than like the DHT22. For those interested feel free to dive into the code. The library is experimental (initial version 0.1.0) and not tested extensively. However it behaves much like the other DHT sensors that it is time to publish. One demo application shows how it can be used.

The library - Arduino/libraries/DHT12 at master · RobTillaart/Arduino · GitHub

Datasheet DHT12 - http://www.robototehnika.ru/file/DHT12.pdf

As always comment and remarks are welcome.