DHT22 or tmp36------100 meter UTP ---- arduino

hi All
I am newbie to arduino
I will start a tutorial about connection arduino UNO to tmp36 or DHT22
please can any one advise , how I can connect the arduino to tmp36 or DHT22 using a 100 meter utp cable ?

is there any other idea than using MAX485 RS485 chip between two arduinos ?

my hardest part is heat sensor which has to be little far from arduino chassis.
thanks all

It should be possible to make the DHT22 work on the end of 100m cable, but just barely (the datasheet says 100m is the maximum). You might need to use shielded wire.

TMP36 is an analog sensor - analog sensors are more vulnerable to noise picked up on the long cable. You'll almost certainly want shielded wire here, and it still may not work.

Either way, the parts are cheap, and no matter what, you plan to have wire going out there. IMO, go score 100m of shielded wire and start trying to make it work :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot DrAzzy , very appreciated.

thanks again.