DHT22 using IDE 1.0

Hey guys

I'm working on a gps tracking project with an accelerometer, gas sensing and temperature monitoring. I was working on a more recent version of the IDE with no issues outside of some basic code errors which i was working through. The GPS module i'm using only works with IDE 1.0, the code will simply not compile on the oldest version. I have taken all of code out now apart from a very simple temp & humid sensor.

My question is this, does the original IDE 1.0 support the DHT suite? or can it be made to do so? if not I will have to make some unwanted changes.

Cheers guys

Have you tried it?

To get an answer you'd need to post a link to this DHT suite you speak of. Please always use the chain links icon on the toolbar when posting links to the forum to make them clickable.

Most likely it would be quite easy to get you GPS code working on the latest IDE version but we'd need all the necessary information to help you with that.

Most likely it would be quite easy to get you GPS code working on the latest IDE version

This is IMO the correct approach. What kind of GPS is it?

Hey, it’s a dual gps/gsm module from cooking hacks. The sim908, the shield works quite well and I have already integrated an accelerometer into it with an LCD. The last three components to go in are temp/hum, gas and battery monitoring. Hopefully the temp sensing can be sorted. What is a “chain link”
Thanks for the replies

That reply doesn’t really give us much useful information regarding your question about the “DHT suite” or making the GPS code work with the latest version of the Arduino IDE. Also, you forgot to make the link clickable.

hey guys

this is a link to the module