diabetic lancet test probe

I was trying to make some new test probes using diabetic lancets as the probing ends.
Have not been able to solder to them.
Maybe there is a mechanical way to make electrical connection.

Anyone have an idea how to attach test leads to the pins?

Something similar to these:


Looks like a DuPont female pin works.

Also, 'one' machined socket seems to work perfectly.
Removed from the plastic carrier with side cutters.


Do you need to cut away the plastic to attach the female connector to the back side of the lancet? Or use tweezers to put it on? I like that better than my first idea of pouring some low melting eutectic (chipquik?) into the well, and embedding a wire. Then crimping the plastic cylinder to provide strain relief.

Used tweezers to put the machine socket on the exposed lancet end inside the housing.
Added heat shrink, then filled well with 5 minute epoxy.
This pierces wire insulation and PCB coatings easily. And fingers :confused:
I am using a miniature test clip as the ground lead. Could add a connector and make another one of these for negative lead.

Nice to have the protective cap when not in use. ouch.


You can get single dupont female connectors for lead mounting which may save you some trouble.
Pre-mounted on ribbon cable gives plenty to strip out.

Where do you get the lancets ?
I do not need 200 box but a couple could be useful for piercing rosin on boards.

I got a few from a neighbour who tests his blood levels.

I got a few of these, they are a more substantial but not as sharp.