Diagram of Uno

Greetings and Salutations,
Can you tell me where to good drawing of the board that explains what each component on the board is?
What are the two 6-Pin headers on the board?
Thanks a Mil

Not sure that this is of any help, as it appears to be only the main female pins, but maybe?!


What are the two MALE 6-Pin terminals on the board?

Search the forum some more, someone posted a picture of the Arduino with the different parts circled & identified.

Could also look at the schematic.

Re: 6 pin headers.
I think there actually 3:
1x6 female header that is the Analog port input
2x3 male header that is the ICSP pins for downloading bootloaders, or accessing +5,Gnd, Reset, SCK, MISO, MOSI (i.e. D13, D12, D11).
2x3 holes (not usually populated?) that is the ICSP for programming the ATMega8U2 chip.