Diamondback WiFi Woes

Anyone have a Diamondback board that is functioning with the WiFi?

I'm having the WORST time trying to get the example SimpleServer sketch to compile - I've spent many hours going through the myriad of wiki's and forum posts... It seems that it's been nearly 2 years since most of the chatter on issues with the WiShield, and it seems all the downloads remain the broken downloads requiring all these fixes to get working - does anyone have a working code base that can be just dumped into place? Not looking for any custom sketches or anything, I just want the simplerserver working with diamondback.

I tried the latest stuff (from 2012) http://www.sundh.com/blog/2012/02/make-wishield-work-in-latest-arduino-ide/ and that seems to lead to new errors that aren't common issues..

I just bought mine a week ago, and you have you to go into the library and open the apps-conf.h file and uncomment #define APP_WISERVER and comment the one that was uncommented. Everything should compile after that

I did that, as it says to on the github page, and still nothing. Here is my error message. The github folder was copied and pasted into ~/Library/Arduino, and the sketchbook location in the preferences set to that:

diamonderror.rtf (4.05 KB)